Mountains out of molehills

Do you ever find yourself stressed out and feeling like you don’t have enough time to get mountain-or-molehill-1024x765everything done? Does it drive you nuts to move things from today’s list to the next day? Even though the things on your list you are moving are obviously not the most important, you feel this disappointment in yourself for not getting them done.

However, the reality is that if the tasks you did not get to were vital and had to get done, then you would find a way to do them. A lot of times we think that because it is on our list, then it has to be done. We build up this expectation in our minds and treat our lack of time and accomplishments as a problem.

These so-called problems then cause us to stress and worry, which then makes us lash out at those around us who have nothing to do with the situation. Making mountains out of molehills is one of my most significant weaknesses. I sweat the small stuff all too often.

It is important to not let these little frustrations get to us and cause us to lose sight of reality. We are all human. We will have days when we knock it out of the park and days when it is all we can do to reach the bare minimum. If we can just keep our lists and expectations in perspective, we will see that there is nothing to worry about in the end. If it could wait today, then let it move to tomorrow. You are not failing you are just being flexible. 

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