We all want to be happy right? We all want to find joy in everyday things. Some days thispexels-photo-1263986 is harder than others. Some days you have to fight for it.

But, what happens when you stop fighting for joy? You may think that it is ok to go about your day and the rest of the week grumpy and unhappy, but you would be wrong. This attitude will only bring about problems.

Not only will the universe start to channel more negative energy your way, but you will have an even harder time digging yourself out of this pit of unhappiness if you never fight to find it every day. You have to stay positive. At the center of all good things is joy. Joy brings about blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

Those who live their life bitter and angry will never find happiness and live a full life. They could have all the money in the world, by being happy and joyful is something that cannot be replaced or bought. You have to cultivate it and continue to find it so that the universe will continually send you more of the same. The law of attraction is no joke. If you want joy, you have to put it out there and find reasons to be joyful now to attract more. 


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