Cool Mornings

I love Fall and Winter. The smell of the fresh morning air is quite possibly one of my 4favorite things. There is a stillness in the air early in the morning of these seasons that provides a sense of comfort to me.

While the world is still sleeping or slowly rising for the day, you can find peace. These cool mornings remind me of my childhood. Not the days filled with chaos and running to the bus stop, but the days when I would mosey my way down the road taking in the rising sun and the cool breeze on my face.

My memories of fall are full of sunshine and light jackets. This time of year marked the start of a new school year, revitalized routines and colder weather. Cool mornings give me just a small glimpse back into these fond memories that I will never forget.

Whatever brings you back to happy thoughts and good vibes should be done often. Take the time to reflect and enjoy the things in life that make you calm and at peace. Whether it is the sunrise or the sunset, take it in and carry it with you for the hours and days to come. 

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