Unnecessary Worry

Have you ever caught yourself worrying for no reason? You are laying in bed all ready to imagessleep and then, bam, you are covered with worry about the dumbest thing. I have been plagued with this this week.

Unnecessary worry brings a whole host of issues. From lack of sleep to increased stress, worry can impact your day to day life dramatically. So, how do you manage it? How to do stop before you even start?

For me, I have to stop thinking. I have to shift my focus to what I am grateful for and let it go. Often times I get on google and search for things to ease my worry, which only lead me to worry and question more.

Keeping a watchful eye on your attitude is a great way to avoid unnecessary worry. You have to monitor your level of gratitude and happiness all day long. Don’t lose sight of the good in your life. You are doing good things, and there is nothing to worry about. Make sure to relax and enjoy this crazy life, you will not add a single day to your life by worrying. 

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