A much-needed break

1 of the many sunsets in Jamaica!

You may have noticed that I have not published any blog posts since September 20th. I was fortunate enough to take a vacation to Jamaica with my husband and another couple who we are good friends with. We spent 7 days soaking up sunshine and good times.

Although I did write every day as I have over the past 270 days, I did not take the time to post. Oddly enough, this break from sharing my thoughts was refreshing. It was nice to take a break from this routine and self-inflicted “chore.”

I love writing and I love blogging, but everyone needs a break from their regular lives every now, and again. Life is meant to be enjoyed and if a break is what you need, then take a break. We all need to disconnect and focus on our needs sometimes. I look forward to the coming months and continuing to share my life with the world and spreading positivity.


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