Comfort and Happiness

“Somewhere along the line we seem to have confused comfort with happiness” – Dean dont-confuse-comfort-with-happiness-dean-karnazes-6226938Karnazes

I am a huge believer in being comfortable. Growing up, I struggled with being uncomfortable in my own clothes and skin most of the time. I now know that I was likely working through some undiagnosed ADHD resulting in sensory issues, but have since learned to work past that.

This quote from Dean Karnazes is interesting to me because comfort has not necessarily been a source of happiness for me, but rather a source of relief. I think many times comfort is perceived as happiness because it provides a release. When you are comfortable in your home, clothes or with the people, you love you find yourself more relaxed, and ultimately you become happier.

Comfort cultivates happiness but does not replace it all together. You can be comfortable in bed all day and yet sad at the same time. Comfort is merely the catalyst to finding happiness and peace within yourself.

You can be just as happy wearing uncomfortable shoes as you are wearing sweatpants. It is all how you choose to perceive the world around you at that moment. Comfort should not be your only source of happiness because you will not always be comfortable. If you live your life seeking comfort in all situations, every day, you will miss out on the joy in many other areas you are avoiding. You may even be making yourself more unhappy by trying to remain comfortable.

So, seek happiness wherever you are. Embrace the comfort and discomfort in your life. If you can do this, you will actually cultivate more joy in the long run. 


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