Today I am working on acceptance. I am focused on making the best of each momentimg_8377-4 today. Not every day will be perfect, but what you do with that fact is extremely critical.

Whether you are feeling under the weather or you are just overwhelmed, acceptance is critical. To move forward and stay positive, you have to be ok with where you are currently. Understanding that your current state is not permanent is vital to acceptance and moving on.

Every minute life is changing. You can choose to change with it or remain in the dismay that you feel. Accepting your current circumstances and working to make them better is a choice. You have to actively move past your difficulties to find peace and joy. Nothing is too big for you to overcome.

So, as you go through your week, keep in mind that acceptance is the first step to resolution. If you can embrace the suck and remember that it will not be like this forever, you will live a much happier life. 

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