Good in every day

“Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day.” – Alice Morse hot nature nice cool morning sunshine wallpaper sky free download Fresh 100 SunlightEarle

I can relate to this quote today. I am feeling run down and just doing my best to get through today. I would not call this a particularly good day, but there has been some good.

Some days are just tough. Mentally, physically and emotionally. All we can do on these days is find glimmers of happiness.

Happiness is always waiting to be seen, you just have to be open to it. Just because things are not going perfectly does not mean you cannot be happy. You get to choose what you see.

Try to see the positives. It may be that you made it through the day or that you made it to the gym. Whatever you do, find the small wins. These wins will lead to a happier disposition if you let them. There is good in every day, choose to see it and embrace it. 

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