Take a deep breath

Yesterday was a little hectic, not bad, just busy. Growing up, my mom would always tell Take-a-Deep-Breath-Whaleme to take a deep breath when I would start to spiral out of control and get overwhelmed. I caught myself doing this today.

In the moments when we are at our limit with life, and stress breathing is the one thing, we can control. To simply take a moment to breath deeply provides a sense of comfort and relief like nothing else. It centers the mind and body despite the chaos swirling around you.

To take a deep breath is to give your body a brief break. It is allowing yourself to take a step back from the situation for a minute to gather your thoughts. Taking a deep breath allows you to breathe in new energy and let go of the anxious and negative energy that is consuming you.

So, remember to breath. Breath deeply in moments of calamity. Give yourself a break and remember that everything will be ok as long as you keep breathing. 


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