I am a millennial. I have not always loved this label, but I am coming to understand the 0_oE9dhn5rkjZHjq97redeeming qualities of my generation. While there are stereotypes and things that people my age or generation do that I am not proud of, I am proud of who I am.

I am the product of the generations before me. I am the result of the many changes throughout my childhood; including the changes, everyone my age went through and changes that are exclusive to my life and path. I am a 28-year-old who relates to Gen X and Gen Z. I am me.

Although we cannot change someone’s opinion of a generation as a whole, we can embrace the stereotypes in a way that benefits us. We can allow people to understand the many ways that you may differ from those stereotypes and how we are all the product of generations past, and there is nothing wrong with that. We can choose to try and understand how and why people are the way they are or not but accepting, and understanding will always be the best option for better relationships and deeper connections.

While my generation may be stereotyped as lazy, entitled and as job hoppers, we are more than we seem. We make up 35% of the working population and have just as much to offer as everyone else. It is time to start working together and stop underestimating one another. We have just as much to learn from generations before as we do from the generations to come. Let’s work to understand why we are the way we are and move forward rather than focusing on the differences and downfalls. Like it or not, millennials and the “iGeneration” are the future, so you can fight it or get on board. 

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