Are you curious? Do you let your curiosity guide you as you did when you were a child? I imagesthink we are told somewhere along the way, growing up, that curiosity is not good. After all, “curiosity killed the cat” right?!

I love feeding my curiosity. In fact, I would say that I let it guide me for a bit almost every day. I like to take long walks through all the neighborhoods around me and just explore. I go with no agenda other than when to turn around and head home. Otherwise, I let myself walk and wander wherever I choose.

I think this is actually really healthy. People are naturally curious and should not have to suppress this emotion and thought process all the time. Healthy doses of curiosity allow you to feed your inner child. Curiosity lets you explore and let go of any expectations. Curiosity tells your brain that unanswered questions are ok for once.

Let yourself be curious. Look for new roads to walk down and things to see. You will be amazed at how enjoyable and satisfying it can be to get lost on purpose. 

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