Believe in yourself

It is nice to have support and people believing in you, but the reality is that you will not downloadhave that support day in and day out. You will have moments when you feel like you are surrounded by people cheering you on and moments when you feel all alone. Today I am feeling all alone. I am feeling lost and unsure of myself.

Being a solopreneur is hard. Putting yourself and your work out on display every day is both terrifying and exhausting. However, the most challenging part is continuing to believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself is crucial to not giving up. It may mean that some days are just plain hard, but it means that you trust yourself enough to know that you will get back up and push yourself even harder. It means that you love yourself enough to give yourself grace.

You have to believe that you can move forward. You have to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You have to love yourself when it feels like no one else in the whole world will love you.

Believe in your abilities. Believe in your relentless fire more than your fear. Believe you were put on this earth to do more than hide from life when it gets scary. Believe. 

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