Cleaning House

I don’t know about you, but a freshly cleaned house is one of the most satisfying things indownload the world! You spend so much time cleaning and tidying up that you remember why you love your home despite its fixer-upper list and flaws. The lack of clutter and dirt makes you feel a sense of relief and as though a weight has been lifted.

Just as we clean our homes regularly (hopefully), we should consider cleaning our minds regularly. We should unplug from the world and recharge. Allow yourself to let go of things you are holding on to mentally and just be present.

Clear space in your mind for new ideas. Let yourself daydream and explore where your mind naturally goes. So much of our thoughts are determined by the world around us, if we can clean up our thoughts, we can create room for love and self-care. Practicing this regularly could prevent us from having hateful thoughts and even depression. Fixating on things that are not right cause us to feel dirty and stuffy within our minds.

So, take time to clean up your mental space. Make room for yourself. Let yourself feel the satisfaction of a clean home that can be found within your mind. 

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