Don’t let your anxiety win

In the midst of uncertainty, our anxiety rears its ugly head. It creeps into our thoughts e8de3955cad9101978f042ef3720f680and creates self-doubt. It tells us that we are in this the uncertain situation because we are not good enough. It tells that until there are answers, the answer is no or not what we would hope for.

Anxiety is your mind attempting to protect you from getting hurt. It is an attempt to stay rational. However, this “rational” thinking is not factual, it is a lie. These lies tell us to keep our hopes down and not to go forward with confidence. Anxiety tries to keep you from change and new experiences.

When life is confusing or unknown, you have to fight the anxiety. You have to fill your head with positive affirmations and encouragement. If you let your self-doubt take over, you will never move forward. You will only stay in the safe bubble you have created, never knowing what could have been and the happiness on the other side.

Don’t let your anxiety win. Give yourself more credit than you think you deserve. Remind yourself that fear is the root of anxiety and it has no control over you. Love yourself enough to trust your gut and have confidence in your abilities. Do not let your anxiety win. 

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