I am constantly amazed by the power of music. I have always been very interested in download (1)music and enjoyed signing (it was basically my life) growing up. I have attached moments in my life to music and remember the way I felt when I heard certain songs for the first time or what I was doing when I listened to them.

Music is the cure for most ailments of the heart. You can find the perfect song to help you sulk and translate your feelings into words, or you can use it to lift you up. Of course, there is also music for peace, focus, love, pure enjoyment, etc., but I tend to listen with a purpose.

The other day I was feeling sorry for myself and down. I was sulking when, really, there was nothing to be sad or frustrated about. So, I turned off the news (considering it was nothing positive) and searched for some uplifting music. The station I found could not be more perfect. “The happiest tunes on earth” station is essentially the Disney station.

How can you not be happy listening to silly cheery songs about love and life? I immediately started to feel better. Each song not only delivered a positive message but also reminded me of my happy childhood and the amazing life I have. Music is a cure-all. So, the next time you can’t seem to deal or need something to help you heal find the perfect station, playlist or song and let it wash over you. Music is a gift, enjoy it.

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