Giving and Receiving

The past couple weeks I have felt a little out of balance. Life has been crazy, and the give1unknown has been weighing me down. Today I finally feel more balanced.

Achieving balance in your life is not about time or money, but rather giving and receiving. In order to find peace and joy in each day, you have to give a little and take a little. You cannot receive all the time or give all the time.

Many of us feel that we give all our time and energy away with nothing in return, but the truth is that if you are expecting the return you are not truly open to receiving it. Give freely and be open to what comes your way. Be grateful for the blessings (no matter how small) you receive each day and do not take them for granted.

Find some balance in the midst of this giving season. Give to yourself and receive the benefits. Not every day will be balanced, so embrace the ones that are and welcome them with open arms.  

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