See only love

In the midst of disappointment, embarrassment, and anger it can be really hard to see B2C20B9F-D89F-40AB-9007-CF7447D6D7D9_largethe love. It can be right in front of you, and you can miss it when your emotions are louder than your rationality. So, how do you see love in times of trouble?

It starts with an open heart and an open mind. You have to first be open to receiving and hearing love to start seeing and feeling it. If you are caught up in yourself and how you feel you will never let the love break through, so start by getting quiet. Silence the thoughts and the pity party and let the reality set in. Life is not that bad.

Seeing only love is not saying that you’re not hurt or that it never happened. It is a way of coping and giving yourself grace. Seeing love and letting it into your heart and mind is a matter of letting go and moving forward. There are too many things in life that at are out of our control, so focus on seeing love and loving yourself, because that is something only you can control. 

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