Reflections on 2018

This past year I chose the word embrace as my word to focus on. I selected this word as a Embrace (1)way to cope with the many uncertainties in my life. Not only did I focus on the word embrace, but I truly embraced the word and applied it to my life.

I could not have picked a better word for this past year. I kept it in mind in all areas of my life. I embraced the unknown, new opportunities and failures. I may have even embraced a little too much at times, but I am proud to have genuinely focused on this goal all year long.

As I look forward to 2019, I am excited to find my word for the coming year. I plan to use it to grow and push myself to be better than the year before. Thanks to my dear friend, Dr. Donalisa Stinyard with Evolution U Coaching, you too can find your word for 2019 and design a life that means something to you on your terms.

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