Opportunity to Forgive

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do when you are hurt and have been17077372_999610260140779_4898520358409207808_n wronged. It requires looking past the pain and rising above it to love the other person more than holding on to the pain. Forgiveness is not condoning bad behavior, but rather, accepting that it happened and not letting it weigh you down.

We all have the opportunity to forgive. Every day we encounter people who do things we may not agree with or we ourselves may do things we are not proud of. In these moments you have a chance to reflect and push forward.

It is important to recognize these opportunities because they open the door to healing and letting go. Holding on to hate and hurt will never resolve anything. However, true healing and resolution lies in the careful reflection and honest evaluation of the situation at hand.  

In this moment, give yourself permission to forgive. Take the opportunity to let go of the negative things you are holding on too and really release them. Visualize the burden lifting from your heart, mind, and shoulders and walk forward with lighter and taller knowing you have let it go.

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