Tomorrow is Christmas. Tomorrow is generally a day filled gifts rapidly opened and thenchristmas-quotes-burton-hills-1537540304 quickly tucked away becoming new possessions in our lives. Tomorrow is a day of giving and receiving.

But what if you decide not to do any gifts? What if we left the gifts behind? Then what would the day look like?

I am fortunate enough to have much of my extended family in town for Christmas this year. Since there are so many of us, we are simply doing a white elephant gift exchange and enjoying one another’s company. We have no real plans except to embrace one another and enjoy each other’s presence.

I am so looking forward to this Christmas. I am happy to not fret about whether or not someone will like my gift. I am thankful to have time to merely enjoy my family and have heartfelt conversations.

Christmas is not about gifts. It is about being with those who you love and care for. As you prepare for tomorrow, remember to stop and look around. Take in the faces and conversations of those around you. Soak in the joy of this special day and try not to miss the magic of Christmas and the joy all around you. 


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