365 Days

Seven days a week for 52 weeks. 365 individual writing entries. 81,311 words. This is the 365-daysaccumulation of a year’s worth of thoughts.

I made the decision to write every day for 1 year a year ago. My goal was to use it as an outlet for self-expression and coping and to see how it affected my daily life over the course of a year. I wrote in cars, on planes, at the beach, in an Uber, in Jamaica, by the pool, in a tent camping, in my office, and on the couch. I made it a priority and stuck with it.

I can honestly say that there were days that I did not want to write. There were days when I felt I had nothing to say. However, the majority of the year I looked forward to my writing. I looked forward to putting my thoughts on paper (or google doc). I found myself writing with ease as the year went on. I found my voice and who I want the world to see.

Writing over this past year was the key to unlocking my true desires and direction for my life. Writing allowed me to process the ups and downs of life in a healthy way. While I am sad to see this journey end, I look forward to using what I have learned this past year and applying it to my life going forward.

I will march on remembering to keep my commitments to myself, but not take life too seriously. I will write from my heart and not from what I think others would like me to write about. I will continue to share my thoughts and leave them all on the page.

As look to another year of writing, I hope to compile a book. To gather these thoughts from my year and life into a tool others can benefit from. This year will be the year of growth. The year I allow myself to rise up from the chains I hold myself under. I will not write every day, but I will write when my heart needs it most. Here is to another 365 days. 

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