Own it

Today I had coffee and conversation with a great group of ladies. We discussed the p-gpadyt_400x400difficulties of being a solopreneur and how to build confidence in ourselves. In the discussion, I revealed that I have a hard time owning my business and feeling confident about what I have to offer.

So, after their encouragement, I went about my day and prepared for a meeting with a potential new client. In the meeting, I was asked about my pricing and for more detail about what my packages entail. At the moment I was terrified. I know that my pricing is not unreasonable, but I also know that people need a lot of information before they invest.

I left the meeting feeling odd. I felt as though I was overselling myself and as if people think I am charging a crazy number to do nothing for them. However, after looking at my website again, I realized it was merely a lack of information.

In an effort to be concise and to the point on my services, it leaves potential clients with many questions about where their money is going. I took some time and owned it. I added additional information and points of clarity. While I pride myself in being transparent, I also want to be clear about what I will and will not do in each package.

Owning it is about clarity. Owning it is about setting boundaries. Owning it is about standing behind your work and values with confidence in yourself and your ability to do a good job. When in doubt, just own it. 

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