No good reason

Today has been a weird day. I have been sluggish and exhausted for no good reason. I gar02-gary-stranger-no-good-reason-printers-version-14slept well, ate plenty and should feel just fine. As frustrating as this is, it reminded me of a conversation with a friend.

She was talking about a situation she was in and said she just did not understand why this was happening to her. My response to her was that sometimes we just don’t get to know that. Although this answer is not particularly helpful, it is good to remember.

There are countless situations when we feel this way, or it seems that everyone and everything is falling apart. Our first instinct is to determine why this is happening, but it ends up consuming us because we are not meant to know the answer at that time. Instead, we should focus on moving forward. The reality is that it doesn’t matter why it is happening, but what you are going to do about it or with the situation.

In this moment you get to choose. You can play the victim and wallow in self-pity, or you can shift your focus. You can spend your energy in a more positive way. Whether there is a good reason or not life is happening and you can either move with it or let it pass you by while you look for a good reason to be happy.

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