Rude People

Boy, if you spend any amount of time in an airport, you will see a lot of rude people. It is o-happy-airport-facebookincredible how many people have absolutely no regard for those around them. You see people blocking walkways, putting their bags in chairs at the bar prohibiting anyone else from sitting and being just plain rude to those around them.

I understand that traveling is stressful and not always ideal, but I do not understand why people are rude to one another in these situations. Everyone is making do while traveling, so why not try extra hard to be nice? Why not keep in mind that everyone is a little tense and likely tired?

We are beyond blessed to have the amenities we have these days. We have food, drinks, shops, bathrooms and even charging stations and outlets everywhere. The only thing I see us missing is human decency and kindness.

If everyone could just be kind to one another, traveling would never be a big deal. So, the next time you are flying and find yourself spending time in an airport, remember to be kind. Rudeness never wins, and you will not get anywhere faster. 

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