It’s not all about me

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that things happen for a reason and when they fai-13-gods-perfect-planare supposed to. Many times we look to our immediate surroundings for the reasons and answers, but they could be a little further removed. So much of what we do and the things in our lives impact more than just us. It is crucial to keep this in mind when things are not falling into place as we would like.

Life is complicated and we may never know why things happen the way they do, but looking beyond the mirror may provide a better picture. God’s plan is perfect. It is laid out for us just as he would like. Although this can be hard to accept, we are not in control. He is masterfully crafting your life to be exactly as is should.

So, while today or the next day may not be what you hoped. Do not lose faith. God has a plan you just may not understand it right now.

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