I tend to, think that I have a hard time empathizing with people. I don’t really know how empathy-understanding-853x400to match their feeling in a moment unless I have gone through it. However, as I have grown and experienced more and seen more loss and tragedy, I am finding empathy to be more prevalent in my life.

Although there are still more times than not that I don’t know what to say, I can at least feel for them and understand the root of their emotion. Empathy is not about having the words to say, but rather an understanding and respect for their feelings and journey through a particular situation. Empathy is about digging deeper into the human experience and imagining what you would feel like if you were in their shoes.

Being able to empathize with someone is to listen and not question their feelings at that moment. As I continue to work on being more empathetic, I will remember how it has felt to be around those who empathize well. I will look beyond my current state and try to reach others where they are. Relationships are a two-way street, so in order to build deeper ones, we have to meet the other person where they are sometimes. 

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