Don’t get comfortable

Life is constantly changing. In fact, it is changing at a rate far faster than any of us can challenge-new4fathom. However, we live our day to day lives as if it will remain as it did to forever. We lose sight of the ever impending changes.

We are growing older every second, minute and hour of the day. We are forming new relationships while losing old ones. We are making money, and we are spending money.

All these checks and balances can make it feel stable and similar day after day, but there will be an unbalance. There will be a day that sets forth massive changes in your life, the likes of which you will never be the same. These unforeseen changes can be good or bad, but they will alter your life forever.

Due to the unpredictability of these life-altering changes we forget about them. We trick ourselves into believing that things will be like this forever, good or bad. It is easier to hope for positive change than anticipate an adverse circumstance. Regardless we should remain aware. We should keep our minds and hearts open to the changes to come. The more accepting and adaptable we are to change the easier it will be to navigate.

So, don’t get too comfortable where you are right now because change is coming. Live in the moment but stay open to the future. Embrace this crazy beautiful life for all that it is and can be for you only get one go at it. 

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