Friday afternoons are tough. All I can think about is where to go for dinner and what fun13355390_1624026761251211_1130885465_n things I will do over the weekend. But the reality is that Fridays are my busiest day.

In order to have the weekend off and do fun things, I have to work diligently on Fridays. Whether I like it or not, Fridays must be productive. So how do you fight through the distractions and stay focus on a Friday afternoon?

For me, I have to listen to my body. If I am struggling to jump back into my work after lunch, I need to relocate my office. This may mean working from the kitchen or getting out of the house altogether.

Fridays are meant to be productive. We all deserve to disconnect and recharge on the weekends, which means leaving our work at the office. So, despite the urge to do the bare minimum on a Friday afternoon, I believe it is essential to give it your all. Leave it all on the table so you can start your next week fresh and organized. Get your head around the following week and the prep work done, so when Monday rolls around you are ready and the “Sunday scaries” will be a thing of the past.

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