Nothing in Return

How much time a week would you say you “donate” your time to someone else? How do-everything-with-a-good-heart-and-expect-nothing-in-13878094much time do you give to others expecting nothing in return? Is it more or less than the time you give yourself?

Depending on your situation, this should be a balanced thing. Every week you should feel that you have adequately supported others while also remembering to care for yourself and your needs. This donated time may be to your kids or your spouse or other family members, it may be to friends or acquaintances, or it may be to an organization.

No matter who or what you are donating your time to it should be with a selfless heart. You should have the intention of purely helping. You should not expect anything in return. When you can do this in your life regularly, you will not only feel better about your time spent, but you will be more inclined to help or sacrifice your time in the future.

Giving back is crucial for having balance in your life. You should seek out ways to help others every day. It may be small, or it may be big, but never do it for something in return. Merely do it because it is right and you want to help others. The satisfaction in that knowledge will be enough to carry you through. 


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