Have you ever caught yourself creating an entire story about someone else and what 1400045371they think about you? Or do you find yourself thinking about why someone did something that makes no sense to you? Maybe you are merely confused as to why a person did not smile back at you when you offered them a warm smile.

These stories we create in our head are pointless. They cause nothing but drama and miscommunication. I am reading Loving What Is: Four Questions That Will Change Your Life, By Byron Katie and find her take on our thoughts and what we do with them is fascinating and eye-opening.

All day I have been taking inventory of my thoughts. We have them constantly from the minute we wake up until the minute we fall asleep. What I find so intriguing is the fact that thoughts are thoughts and nothing else. They are not reality. It becomes evident when you take a step back and observe where your mind goes in a day.

Just this afternoon I found myself weaving a story about someone who I am expecting a phone call from. I told them that I was free all day except for a 2-hour window. Assuming they would call after that window, I began constructing a lie (story) about why they have not called yet. The reality is that I am free and there was no time determined or established that they would call, so all other thoughts about this are pointless because they are not true. The truth is that I am available to take their call if they so choose to do that, end of story.

This revolutionary idea that we can change our response or eliminate our response to these thoughts is amazing. I cannot wait to see how else this tactic can be applied to my life and improve my overall happiness and peace. I would highly recommend this book if you love learning about being your best self, finding happiness, and killing the lies/ stories we continue to tell ourselves.

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