Constant Progress

Do you ever get caught feeling like if you are not making direct progress on your goals, downloadyou are failing? Today I am feeling this way. Often times it can feel like if you stop climbing for a second, you are sliding backward.

Pulling yourself out of this lie and thought can be difficult. With reinforcements all around confirming this altered reality, it can start to feel like your truth. However, these feelings are nothing more than our thoughts unless we let them grow and fester.

So, the only way to fight this feeling of failure and need for constant progress is to be rational. Take a step back. Do not let the feeling develop any further. Accept it for what it is and know that the truth is that life is full of ups and downs. You will never have constant progress. You will have times when you are backsliding, but you will be ok, you will land on your feet. In these moments, take a deep breath and know that progress comes in many forms, even when you cannot see it and even if you are taking one step back that step may lead to three steps forward.

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