We all strive for success, right? Success is the motivating factor behind much of what werockclimber do every day. I for one know I have great potential. I see people achieving great things and want the same for myself.

The trouble we get into is dealing with the climb. Seeing your potential is one thing, but reaching it is another thing entirely. So, how do we cope as we work toward our goals and success?

I know for me, I have to put things in perspective. I have to have measurable data points proving that I am making progress. However, there are parts of our lives that are much harder to measure. For example, how do you quantify your improvements on self-worth and self-image? How do you determine if you are making progress in your relationships?

I think the factors of the heart come down to examining your feelings? If self-worth and body image is something you are working on, then be gentle. Evaluate how many positive thoughts about yourself you had over the course of a day. Remind yourself that progress takes time. In your relationships, it may be measuring quality time spent in a week or the number of or lack of confrontations.

Take time to evaluate. Perform a self-audit on your path to success and know that any progress is a step in the right direction. We all have potential, but that does not mean we have to reach it all at once.

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