Stay in your lane

I love the phrase “stay in your lane”. No one enjoys having their toes stepped on, and this downloadstatement is a fun way to say back off. However, this idea can be applied to our thoughts as well as our actions.

When we are worrying about something, it is because we are not in our own lane. It is because we are either in someone else’s business or the universe’s business. No matter what we should stay in our lane.

By putting ourselves in other people’s business, we are doing one of two things, avoiding our own issues or projecting them on to the other person. All we can control in this life is our thoughts. Life is going to happen whether we want it to or not. So when we can stay in our lane and focus on ourselves and our thinking, we will be much happier and at peace.

It is no different than when you are driving down the road. The more you stay in your lane, the less stress you will have. The minute you start to creep into another person’s lane, you will find nothing but drama, discomfort, and tension.

(Today’s post was inspired by Loving What Is By Byron Katie)

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