Real or Make-believe

Distinguishing between what is real and what we are making up in our minds can be getty_505023182_308001difficult. Working from home and for myself makes this a constant battle for me. I find myself believing that if I am not working 8 hours a day 5 days a week, then I am not doing a good job. However, this is not reality.

The reality is that I have room to take on many more clients and I want to. So, I should have time to do that. If I were maxed out on time every day of every week, I would not be able to grow. So, this thought I have and struggle with is make-believe.

I think that the thoughts we wrestle with the most are the ones that no one else is thinking about us but us. They are deep-rooted beliefs that we have trouble detaching from. We convince ourselves that they are real until proven otherwise.

Thankfully, we get to choose what we think. And while it is not easy to change our way of thinking, it can be done with practice. Breaking up these made up beliefs will take effort and repetition, but eventually, you will see that all those beliefs are nothing more than unfounded thoughts, not reality.

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