You know what to do

We like to tell ourselves that we don’t know what to do. We get so caught up in the imagesanxiety of actually making a decision that we convince ourselves that we have no idea how to proceed. However, we always know what to do.

Think about a moment of crisis. Think about a time when you avoided a car crash or a catastrophe. You did this because you knew what to do at that moment. You simply acted rather than letting the emotions of the event take you over.

We all have the answers to the burning questions within us. We can choose to look inside ourselves and listen or drown out the answers with worries and what ifs. Listen to your gut, listen to how you talk about things. These are all clues helping you to uncover the answers that you have been running from all along.

So, be still and listen. Take time to reflect on what it is you are contemplating. Observe how you have been talking or feeling about it and then act. Make your decision and boldly move forward.

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