Life Purpose

If you had told me growing up that I would be working for myself by the age of 27, I journeywould not have believed you. Even 6 months before I quit my full-time job to pursue my own business I could not see how it would be possible. That’s what I find so interesting about this life purpose stuff we all yearn for and feel the need to find.

On my angel card* (Life Purpose) that I drew this morning, it said that your life purpose is a process, not a category. This thought stopped me in my tracks. To think that life purpose is ongoing rather than a category to be placed in or a destination to be reached is quite frankly relieving to me. Because although I love where I am in life right now, I know that it will change. I know that I am a constant work in progress.

As we grow older our priorities and outlook on life change. We begin to long for things we never thought of before and find ourselves in places we never dreamed we would be. To believe that you have found your one sole purpose in life is tricky because while it may be your purpose at that moment, it will not be forever. Keep your heart and mind open. Allow life to show who you are meant to be over and over. Don’t corner yourself into a category instead enjoy the process.

*If you have never heard of Angel Cards, they are oracle cards to help provide guidance and clarity. I like them because they are not predicting the future or anything like that, they are just providing loving encouragement. These are the ones I use: Weekly Archangel Oracle Cards and Daily Archangel Oracle Cards.


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