Change it up

I like to think I am not a super routine-oriented person. This may be because I can adapt; Untitled design - 2019-04-17T151759.149however, I am far more structured than I care to admit. I get up at the same time each day, I eat the same breakfast (as much as possible), and I get the same work done between the same time of the day.

If I am honest, it stresses me out to alter this routine. I think I tell myself and others that I am not routine oriented, because it does not last all day. I am only strict on my routine in the mornings. I tend to lose all sense of structure after lunch.

While I am thankful for my routines in the morning, I wish I could find a better balance between said structure and the go with the flow mentality in the afternoon. I have a hard time breaking my morning habits. I struggle to change things up. The problem with this is that it makes me less flexible and easy to work with.

Being able to change things up keeps you grounded and more equipped to adapt on the fly. This quality is invaluable in life. It is crucial to surviving relationships both personal and working. You have to be willing to bend a little.

Life is too short to be so rigid. Take chances. Stray from your routines and let the day guide you every once in a while. You may find that freedom is refreshing and just what the doctor ordered.  


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