I have always been pretty independent. While I am not an only child, I could entertain the-truth-on-the-location-independent-lifestylemyself for hours growing up. I am also strong-willed. I am someone who will not take no for an answer if it is something I really want and will work to achieve the things in life that I desperately want and need.

Although these can be wonderful qualities and I have benefitted from them time and time again, they come at a cost at times. Being strong-willed and independent can cause me to shut people out. It can make me resent the help of others.

I often find myself feeling the need to do it all and to it myself. I tell myself it is “easier” when in reality I am just carrying heavy load after heavy load by myself. As I continue to adapt to working from home and running my own business I am finding myself in situations where people want to help me. They want to see me succeed and lend their expertise and yet this only makes me withdraw more and step back.

I am learning to be more open. I am learning to find a balance between my independence and delegating or accepting help. While old habits die hard, I know that I cannot do everything by myself forever. I know that too much of a good thing really can become a bad thing. What is one of your strengths that has become a weakness? How are you working to find balance?

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