Stronger Together

I am finally finishing up reading In This Together by Dr. Nancy O’Reilly. While the book iswomen-supporting-each-other-300x196 geared more toward women helping women advance in the workplace, I am seeing an overlap in how this theme is playing out in my life lately. I am starting to truly value the women I am getting to know and understanding how we can be stronger if we work together.

I have never really been a “girly girl” type of person. I have not been one to have tons of really close girlfriends, but as I get older, I am finding that I am craving those relationships. I am actively seeking out opportunities to connect with other women. Over the past year, I have thoroughly enjoyed bouncing ideas off of other women, I have enjoyed helping them with their businesses and careers and have sought out support when I needed it most.

Although this is against my nature, I am realizing that we need one another. We have been trying to do things alone for too long. While I am unsure how all this will play out in changing stereotypes and breaking gender bias, I do know that I feel better when I am connected with strong women. So, if you are like me, fiercely independent and not one to have lots of female friends, reconsider. Look beyond yourself to see how you may help others. Seek ways to build relationships and learn from strong women in your community. You will find that not only is there strength in numbers, but there is strength when women come together.

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