Being an entrepreneurial-minded person, I tend to have a lot of ideas. My mind is full of 1_k2oDqoDoFOzl1YvAohApcAdreams for myself and the life I want to create for my family and me. As I continue to think of ways to make a greater impact while fueling my passions, I find my mind drifting off and wandering to the next “big idea.”

In talking with some friends about my latest idea, I found that I could talk about it forever. Of course, the fear of boring others kicked in, and I forced myself to let it go and change topics. While I tried to not to let this be the topic of all our conversations, I would be lying if I said it did not come up more than once.

As we were saying our goodbyes and going our separate ways, I was left with overwhelming encouragement. My dear friends urged me to pursue my passion and idea. However, I will never forget what one of them said, she told me not to let this dream die. For some reason, this struck me. I was so empowered by this statement, I couldn’t wait to focus my attention on this “dream.”

Dreams are often regarded as unrealistic and far-fetched, but at this moment I felt that this use of the word, dream, made my idea a reality. I had managed to talk about it so passionately that this fleeting thought had morphed into a full-fledged passion and dream. It motivated me to want to see this dream come to life. It pushed me to see that dreams can die if they are not nurtured and her plea to me to not let it die was just what I needed to keep it alive.


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