How many times a day or a week do you have unrealistic expectations about yourself, your time or your life? Lord knows I have these thoughts all the damn time. They pop up out of nowhere and cause oodles of anxiety for no reason.

Unrealistic thoughts and expectations can be comparing yourself to someone who is much thinner than you and thinking that your bigger bones and hips will somehow magically disappear. These thoughts can be about how much time you have versus all the things you would like to get done in a day. The bottom line is that these thoughts argue with reality. They tell a story that directly conflicts with reason and logic.

Although these thoughts will inevitably come up again and again, it is your response to them that counts. Think about your unrealistic expectations as an annoying co-worker or a pushy neighbor. Give them a name and then tell them to shut up.


Your unrealistic thoughts are merely unwanted feedback from your brain trying to “help you.” It is not our fault that we do this, but we can learn to know the difference between reality and fantasy and where to draw the line.


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