I am so thankful that I can get away sometimes. I have a tendency to really wear myself downloadout and get bogged down with my own overwhelming thoughts and ambitions. Even the busiest of vacations can provide me with the clarity needed to come back and refocus.

I have found that it is particularly tricky, as a solopreneur, to relax and take a break. I am the only one running my business. I am responsible for the success or failure of the company. I am constantly in competition with myself or those around me doing similar things.

All these thoughts were filling my head as I went on vacation, and even as I returned. However, I was welcomed with open arms by the sweet notion that the world did, in fact, keep spinning while I took a break. My preparation to be off was sufficient, and everything is actually quite all right.

The worries can take over, but getting away and allowing yourself to take a step back can dimish those worries. When you can’t outrun the thoughts in your head, take a break. Step away from the source of your anxiety and put things in perspective. You will realize that life goes on and that what you thought was going wrong was simply going, not right or wrong. If you can do this, you will find power. You will refocus and be stronger on the other side. Take heart in knowing that you are more than your business, job, body, and even the dumb thoughts that try to hold you back.


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