Every Day

Every day we learn a little more about ourselves than we knew the day before. We learn small-changesour likes and dislikes, we discover our triggers and what makes us smile and we change. Each passing day we are changing, never to be the same as we were the day before.

Some days we notice the changes that happen in our hearts, bodies, and minds, but other days just feel the same. However, it is on the days that we recognize these micro changes that we can channel that awareness into meaningful growth. Growth is the positive reaction to change.

When we can harness that growth for good and find a deeper understanding of ourselves, we can find a little more peace. We can be just one step closer to the truest version of ourselves for that moment. Although these moments will pass, they are not to be forgotten. Keep these memories in your back pocket, learn to recognize your growth and adaptations for the next time, and find ways to fully enjoy and experience them.

Change is inevitable. Change is a part of life. So, I will choose to embrace these seasons of growth and challenge myself to see the joy in every day.

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