Just be

When was the last time you laid flat on the ground? When was the last time you just laid there and stared at the fan and felt the weight of gravity all over your body? How did you feel? I had an interesting moment today when I was sitting on the floor playing with my… Continue reading Just be


Eye Contact

I was given an interesting book by my brother and sister-in-law recently called Connect Every Day. It is a cute little book with simple prompts to help you connect with others every day and an opportunity to reflect. Being that I work from home and am always looking for inspiration to write, this was the… Continue reading Eye Contact


Loss for Change

I started reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb today. I literally only read 7 pages and already found a game-changing quote. She talks about change and says this, "As a therapist, I know a lot about pain, about the ways in which pain is tied to loss. But I also know… Continue reading Loss for Change