Eye Contact

I was given an interesting book by my brother and sister-in-law recently called Connect 9781452172705_p0_v2_s550x406Every Day. It is a cute little book with simple prompts to help you connect with others every day and an opportunity to reflect. Being that I work from home and am always looking for inspiration to write, this was the perfect gift!

As I was flipping through the pages today I saw a prompt to “make eye contact”. While many people may think that that one is a given or not a challenge at all, it most certainly is for me. I have never been great with eye contact and although I am improving, it is something I truly struggle with.

Eye contact is very intimate. My eyes and face are very expressive and to really see someone looking directly at me gives me a little anxiety. I am constantly catching myself looking all around the person I am speaking to but not actually looking in their eyes.

Unfortunately, a lack of eye contact can be perceived as disingenuine or distracted. While I can admit that I do get distracted in conversation at times, there is no doubt however that I am being genuine. As I continue to work on this communication skill, I will try to remember to give myself grace. Different things make us uncomfortable and those things will not disappear overnight. I am hopeful, though, that with more practice eye contact will become easier for me and the poor soul trying to get me to look them in the eye.

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