Just be

When was the last time you laid flat on the ground? When was the last time you just laid Savasana_artisticthere and stared at the fan and felt the weight of gravity all over your body? How did you feel?

I had an interesting moment today when I was sitting on the floor playing with my dog, and I just decided to lay down. The minute my body felt the heaviness and pull of gravity, I could feel myself letting go. Letting go of all the tension, I carry around all day. Letting go of the need to “have it all together.”

This act of laying down flat on the ground is so powerful. It can allow you to feel what you need to feel. There is nothing hiding from the weight of the world when you are sprawled out on the floor. You feel everything. You feel the pressure of your body against the ground, your head and neck relax, and you feel your emotions just as they are.

Laying on the floor allows you to be more still than almost any other posture. When you are still, you can think. When you are relaxed, you can see clearly. Let yourself feel. Take time to ground yourself, especially when you are anxious or overwhelmed. Let your emotions wash over you precisely as they should and for a moment, just be.



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