You Are What You Focus On

I heard someone say this on a podcast this morning, “you are what you focus on,” and it

Because puppies make me happy…

got me thinking. What do I spend my time thinking about and fixating on? Do I think about my family and my overall happiness, or am I caught up in the comparison game?

You know how when you are car shopping, and you really like a particular car, and then you start seeing said car everywhere? That is what happens when you focus on something, you begin to “see” these things everywhere. So, if you are fixated on looking like a fitness model you will start seeing every “body” that is “better” than yours rather than the perfect body you already have.

Having this sort of tunnel vision is not healthy. Anything can become negative if you focus on it too much. Even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, but there are better things to focus on than others. I would say that if you find yourself thinking about things that make you anxious or depressed several times throughout the day, it is time to do some work and start trying to drop those thoughts. Fixating on things that make you feel inadequate are not going to do you any good, so learn to let them go.

Become the happiest version of yourself by shifting your thoughts to happy things. Think about the bigger picture rather than the part of yourself you have been examining under a microscope. No one else is looking at you through that lens, so why are you?



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