Becoming more aware of yourself is tricky business. As I pursue my master’s in 640140_bf0cc05ac1d248db9d57a13940c663c8_mv2counseling, I can’t help but reflect what I am learning on myself. Part of the program is this sense of personal development and growth, but with growth comes pain sometimes.

Learning to understand deeper feelings and meanings behind the words people say causes you to look within yourself. You catch yourself saying and thinking things that are a portion of a deeper wound you have been covering up or ignoring for quite some time. Although it is difficult to face the reality of our own shortcomings and areas in need of improvement, it is vital to our overall success and happiness in life.

I am excited to keep learning about who I am and about who others are and why they do what they do. I look forward to feeling the growing pains of self-awareness and learning not to shy away from the discomfort. Because if you can face your own pain and take it in stride, then you can live your life more fully and unapologetically.



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