I have no idea what I’m doing

1_snTXFElFuQLSFDnvZKJ6IAThis is the honest truth. I have no clue what I am doing most of the time. No matter how prepared you think you are to be an adult and manage your life, things happen that throw you off your game.

I have recently been working through this lack of knowledge and living in this perpetual state of the unknown. What I have found is, I am not alone. We all function in a world of what-ifs. A world where things don’t add up or make sense. A world where doing your best is not always enough.

But the sweet relief is that life goes on. The failures of today don’t have to ruin your tomorrow. Learning to embrace uncertainty and the grey areas of life is challenging, but also the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself.

So you don’t know what you’re doing? Great! Now you have the opportunity to explore and figure it out. Your perspective determines your happiness. You can choose to see the unknown as dangerous, and a road to be avoided or a path meant to be investigated with enthusiasm and excitement.

We cause ourselves the most misery with our thoughts. These thoughts are not facts or truth, but rather, irrelevant and unfounded stories attempting to control every situation and protect us from the unknown. These irrational thoughts are holding us back from the joy we could be feeling if we could just be present. Let the future worry about itself. Your worry won’t change the life you are destined to have. So stop fighting it and embrace this world of uncertainty. After all, none us know what we’re doing anyway.




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