The Non-Resolution

2019 was wild! I grew my business, then decided to pursue my master’s in counseling, unknownbegan my master’s in counseling, and then decided to end my business. In the midst of all of this, I have done a lot of work internally. I have worked on seeing the world in less “all or nothing” terms. I have worked on loving myself and listening to my body. And most of all, I have worked on having realistic expectations.

With the new year comes the desire for change and a fresh start, but this year I feel different. This year my resolution is to have no resolutions. I have put immense pressure on myself over the years to reach unrealistic and unnecessary goals. Goals that make me feel bad about myself and where I am rather than loving myself and accepting my current status.

So this year, as I approach 30 and pivot my life and career, I hope to meet every twist and turn life throws at me with compassion for myself and an understanding that I am more than a stupid unattainable goal. I am a force to be reckoned with, and I do not have to place my goals on a year-long pedestal to make changes and love myself. I am enough right now and will be enough on December 31, 2020. Hell, this may be the first “resolution” I will ever keep. Cheers to a new decade with the same perfectly imperfect me.



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